6 Tips for Organizing a Closet

6 Tips for Organizing a Closet

Posted by The Hardwood Lumber Company on Jun 10th 2021

Keeping your closet organized can be an ongoing struggle. You have a lot of things to fit in a limited space, and you need to know where everything is. Creating an organization system that works can save a lot of time and energy. Today, we are going to look at organizational tips for your closet.

Sell or Give Away Unused Clothes

We tend to forget about clothes we do not see, so you likely have items in your closet you no longer want. Go through all of your clothing and pick out what you still use regularly. Sort what is left over into a “sell” pile and a “giveaway” pile. If you have very old, worn clothes, throw them away or set them aside for yard work and other messy activities. Once you’ve cut down the number of clothes, organizing the remaining items will be easier.

Arrange Clothing by Category

Once you have determined what clothes you still need, choose an organizational system that works for you. One option is to sort your clothes by type. Group your pants, shirts and dresses in their own spaces. You can also organize your clothes according to how formal or casual they are. This method works well if you need to wear certain clothes to work.

Keep Clothes You Wear Often Near the Front of the Closet

As you decide where to store things, put the items you use the most at the front of your closet. This will make getting ready in the morning faster. For example, the clothes you wear to work should be easier to reach than the sweater you only put on at Christmas. Finding what you need quickly will reduce your frustration. This system will also help you identify clothes you no longer wear. The next time you decide to clean your closet, you can get rid of everything that has naturally migrated to the back.

Use Storage Bins to Organize Smaller Items

It’s difficult to organize small items like underclothes and t-shirts. Storage bins can break down large shelves and drawers into manageable portions. If you put multiple types of clothes in the same space, like socks and underwear, use dividers or bins to keep them from merging into one pile.

Utilize Vertical Space

Because closets are easily overcrowded, you need to make every inch count by storing things vertically as well as horizontally. Here are a few vertical storage solutions to consider:

  • Put hooks in the wall for hanging small items like jewelry or scarves.
  • Floating shelves are ideal for shoes, purses, and other accessories.
  • An over-the-door shoe rack or hanging organizer further maximizes your space.

Add Extra Shelving or Hanging Rods

Another way to make the most of vertical space is installing two levels of shelving or rods in your closet. If most of your clothes are on hangers, another layer of rods will double your space. You can keep shirts on the upper set and pants on the lower. Multiple layers of shelving will be useful for storing loose items.

Maintaining a tidy closet is difficult for many of us. Use these tips to re-think your current system and make the most of the space you have. If you’re trying to maximize closet storage, floating shelves are a great solution. Check out the Hardwood Lumber Company’s wide selection of wooden floating shelves for your home.