8 Common Misconceptions About Wood Countertops You Should Stop Believing

8 Common Misconceptions About Wood Countertops You Should Stop Believing

Posted by Hardwood Lumber Company on Dec 20th 2018

When it comes to your kitchen, it’s important to add the right features and accessories to maximize its aesthetic and usefulness. A wood countertop from Hardwood Lumber Company is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

However, there are several misconceptions that surround owning a wood countertop in your home. Here are a few myths you should stop believing.

They Are Not Durable

With proper care, a wood countertop will prove to be extremely durable. It will be able to withstand everyday use from you and your family along with the inevitable messes of the kitchen. You will find it to be a sturdy and reliable part of your kitchen.

They Require Too Much Maintenance

Much like anything else in your home, a wood countertop requires regular attention and maintenance. However, with the proper materials, maintaining a wood countertop can be done effortlessly and in a short amount of time.

It’s important to remember that every wood countertop is unique. The type of wood used for the countertop varies and different finishes are applied. For proper maintenance of your wood countertop, make sure you are aware of the type of wood used the finish applied.

Wood Harbors and Breeds Bacteria

It is possible for a wood countertop to harbor bacteria. However, this is true for any countertop surface if left unattended. Wood is not any more susceptible to this issue if messes are cleaned up in a timely manner and a disinfectant is applied.

They Are Not Waterproof

If you wood countertop is properly sealed and finished, this should not be an issue. When searching for a countertop, be sure that the provider uses the right materials for a waterproof finish.

They Are Not Heat Resistant

Unless you directly set a flame against it, a wood countertop is very heat resistant. It is not prone to melting or warping like other countertop materials when exposed to extreme heat. Regardless, it is still wise to use a trivet or heat pad so hot pots and pans do not sit directly on the wood.

Wood Countertops Show Scratches and Damage

Any countertop material is prone to being knicked and scratched. In most cases, small marks on a wood countertop can be removed with a light sanding and resealing.

If you are still concerned about the appearance of scratches, invest in a butcher block countertop with a food-safe finish. This will make it extremely resistant against marks and allow you chop food directly on its surface.

Wood Countertops Leave Stains

In any kitchen, messes and spills are inevitable. The most important thing is to clean them off in a timely manner. However, if there are some stains visible on your wood countertop, there are several simple, DIY methods of removing them.

They Are Too Expensive

Compared to other materials, wood is a very cost-effective material to invest in for your kitchen’s countertop. They are also very affordable to maintain or even repair. As always, do your due diligence when shopping for a wood countertop so that you get the maximum quality for your investment.

With proper care and maintenance, a wood countertop can be a beautiful, useful part of your kitchen If you are looking to add to renovate your kitchen, don’t let these common misconceptions discourage you from investing in a wood countertop.

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