Distressed and Rustic Wood Countertops

Distressed and Rustic Wood Countertops

Posted by Hardwood Lumber Company on Feb 16th 2018

The Hardwood Lumber Company is excited to introduce a couple of new and unique wood countertop options to the table: the distressed and rustic wood countertop styles.

When comparing, these two styles have a few similarities and differences. For both, the main goal is achieving the natural appearance of wear and tear in the wood – an impression to resemble as if it were handed down through generations. In the realm of wood, aged and worn elements are attractive and have a lot of character and charm.

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Distressed Wood Countertops

To add an antique, rustic feel to any room, distressed wood will offer that old-world touch. Weathered wood brings ingenuity which reminds us of historical and timeless pieces.

Any piece of wood can be altered to mimic and fake the look of a distressed wood product. With countertops specifically, the  wide plank (face grain) wood countertop is the most common and visually appealing option. Still beautiful, an edge grain butcher block selection is a close runner up.

Soon, there will be several texture features to choose from. This includes hand-scraped, wire brushing, saw cut, and distressed by adding random dings, dents, nicks, scratches, artificial insect marks, holes and discoloration throughout the wood.

The rugged wood surfaces are richly transformed by manual and mechanical means. A rough surface appears after the soft wood is removed and the hard grains beneath are raised. Unlike careful and precise craftsmanship, distressed wood pieces are artfully designed in an imperfectly wild fashion.

Would you like a light, medium or heavily distressed piece? You can freely choose the level of distressing ranging from slightly worn to heavily weathered wood. Our countertops come in all wood species either finished or unfinished. If finished, you can select from numerous available finishing options.

Rustic Wood Altering

Rustic wood altering is a step up from distressing. With this method, colors and additional detail are further incorporated after distressing and eclectic craftiness is implemented.

For additional vintage appearance, rustic is a great style to consider. An ensemble of colors, contrast, and depth can deliver a retro-style appearance. A variety of mixing paints and stains bring a glamorous array of dimensions and proportions. The result can turn out multicolored & vibrant, or natural, faded, and monochromatic.

There are absolutely no limitations or rules when pairing colors and features. The rustic style is trendy and fits well in different kitchen designs. For example, rustic wood countertops can be integrated in industrial, traditional or country themed kitchens.

Different Styles for Different Tasks

Distressed and rustic wood countertops ensure safe and workable surfaces. However, your delivered countertop may not be 100% smooth and will include some grooves and creases throughout the wood. Because of this, it is important to consider your preference on the level of distress and overall design.

Ask yourself if you want a countertop for visual appeal or productive labor. Also consider that you can have a combination of countertop sections, including an area to prepare food, wash dishes, store items, or for aesthetic appeal alone. Expand and diversify your newly transformed kitchen.

Distressed and rustic wood pieces can be set up anywhere, both in interior and exterior places. Already manufactured wood furniture can be distressed. Stair treads and stair parts can be as well. We believe that there is much individual personality and unique beauty to be gained with distressed wood in the home.

In Conclusion

In utilizing our creative methods with personal experience, our in-house craftsmen promise to build your distressed or rustic wood countertop to resemble exactly what you have envisioned for your home. Time is cut very short, thanks to advancements in aging and weathering wood. You only have to wait a few weeks, not decades! Contact us today to receive a quote.