Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends for 2019

Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends for 2019

Posted by Hardwood Lumber Company on Mar 14th 2019

If you are an enthusiast of home or kitchen design, then you likely know that there are new trends that emerge every year. 2019 is no different; there are a number of new popular trends.

Regardless of your kitchen’s style, color, or size, a minor design update can make a big difference. These design ideas can enhance your kitchen’s ambiance and environment without the money and time spent for a full kitchen remodel.

Everything Wood

Wood is very popular in 2019. It appears in most design trend lists because wood complements almost any color. Many homeowners are turning to wood countertops, particularly butcher block countertops, to incorporate this feature in their kitchen.

There are many other ways you can add wood to your kitchen. You can spruce up a whitewashed kitchen with wood paneling and accented décor. Matte black and wood also makes a nice combination. If you are looking for a rustic style, you can add an unpainted live edge slab as a table or serving board.

Open Shelving

Inspired by department stores and hotel rooms, open shelving helps display your most beautiful decorations or kitchenware. Be selective with what you choose to put on display. Wine glasses, coffee mugs, and small potted plants look great with this design idea. Overall, the goal is to display aesthetically pleasing items while stowing away the rest.

Colored Accents

Say goodbye to stainless steel and bare, white kitchens. An easy way to add personality and energy to your kitchen is with splashes of white colors.

Add some color to your backsplash or cupboard doors. Incorporate some chair cushions or lamps with bright colors. The options are endless.

Tall Backsplashes

The standard height of a backsplash is 15-18 inches. Some are even shorter than that. Home and kitchen designers are now expanding backsplashes to cover most (if not all) of the wall. Homeowners are turning to this option both for the extra protection and aesthetic. You may be pleasantly surprised at how it looks in your kitchen.

Extended Countertops

If you have limited dining space, an extended countertop may be a suitable (and stylish) solution. This is similar to bar seating, where high top chairs are set along the countertop. It makes a great space for breakfast and quick snacks.

Copper Sinks and Hoods

Copper brings a unique and timeless design to any kitchen. You can pair the sink with copper pots and pans. Some homeowners are now adding copper hoods to their kitchens. It is a more aesthetic option to traditional hoods, which can be big and clash with your kitchen’s overall style.

Regardless of your personal preferences or style, there are a number of ways you can refresh your kitchen for 2019! Try out one (or more) of these ideas to give your kitchen a new look this year.

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