The Story Behind Live Edge Slabs and Live Edge Tables

The Story Behind Live Edge Slabs and Live Edge Tables

Posted by Hardwood Lumber Company on Dec 7th 2017

The story behind the “live edge” style of woodwork was accidentally introduced during America’s beginnings inside of log cabins when settlers came to build homes on new territory and the family needed functional furniture. Due to precious time and necessity, trees were simply sawn into one piece unfinished slabs to build basic furniture, including tabletops. Most recently, a Japanese-American architect and craftsman, George Nakashima, perfected the craft and was the father of the “live edge rebirth era” in the 1940s. Since then, this style has continued to soar in popularity and remains very trendy.

A gorgeous live edge hardwood piece, otherwise known as a “slab” can be incorporated into a variety of settings and spaces for your household or business. Milled wide plank or butcher block style tables and benches seem to be most common, but live edge adds a new type of character. Also, use your imagination and pair the room with a live edge cutting board, shelf, mantle, counter top, desktop, headboard, or a kitchen island. If you love the rustic look and feel, don’t stop at one purchasing option because the possibilities are endless. A live edge slab maintains the natural beauty of the forest by preserving the tree in its circumferential entirety with the outer corners of the visible tree trunk. According to the name, live edge, the Native Spirit of the wood is kept “alive” and the edges of the tree are left untouched. A live edge design is great for those who want to own one-of-a-kind furniture.

The Hardwood Lumber Company offers a variety of wood to choose from. We currently only have a few images of live edge offerings on our website though, so we invite you to give us a phone call to let us help you find exactly what you are looking for. You are welcome to speak with a specialist who will assist you in finding your favorite piece from our inventory. Overall, we have hundreds of slabs to choose from. Our live edge is available finished or unfinished. If you are interested in a finished product, check out the staining options on our live edge home page.

Bring your creative mind and we can assist in pairing your live edge table or bench with a pair of the best metal or wood table legs to compliment the rest of the furniture piece. Solid metal legs have been popular on the market and serve as a sleek and modern look. Metal legs are offered in different colors including black, gold vein, silver vein and penny vein, to name a few. A variety of wooden legs are also an option.

For those people who are financially cautious, faux live edge is a great alternative to natural edge. If you take this less expensive route, the builder manually customizes by carving and whittling the edges of the wood to mimic a natural live edge look. Natural or faux, live edge furnishes an expanse by adding handsome rustic elegance. Because every tree is truly unmatched in its complete uniqueness, it is possible to select the finest and most attractive piece of woodwork in your view. Simply put, live edge reminds us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.