Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Posted by Hardwood Lumber Company on Jan 25th 2018

2018 brings a new array of possibilities and could mean it is time for a new kitchen! You may have a ton of kitchen design ideas brewing in your head, or you could be at a loss for what to actually implement. It can be tough determining what will retain the most value and what you will enjoy for years to come. Even though we are only two weeks into 2018, there are already plenty of new kitchen trends popping up. Check out some of the newest trends to see if any catch your fancy.

Go Bright

Having one or two bright fixtures in a kitchen can really make the room stand out. Bright appliances can be complemented beautifully with a more subdued backsplash.

No Cupboards

One of the more unique kitchen design trends out there involves homeowners doing away with cupboards. Instead, they install open shelving, so dishes serve as artwork. This is great for people who want to keep things minimal and do not need a lot of plates or cups.

Eco-Friendly Fixtures

More homeowners are mindful of their impact on the environment. That is why many are investing in appliances that use less electricity. LED lighting is also a popular choice.

Add onto Living Space

There is no reason for the kitchen to be separated from the rest of the house. A more open layout allows the person cooking to interact with people in the dining or living room. Installing a countertop in lieu of a wall opens up the room, allowing it to breathe more.

Natural Sunlight

Make your kitchen less reliant on lights of any kind by adding more windows or increasing the size of ones you already have. A skylight can be a fantastic addition to bring in sunlight while you make lunch in the middle of the day.

Geometric Lines

From the flooring to the countertop to the backsplash, there are plenty of ways to add lines to a kitchen. This is great for when you want to add some texturing to the room.

Kitchen Bar

In addition to the kitchen, you should think about updating the area immediately surrounding it. A bar is a great place for people to gather for quick snacks or drinks. An extra wide countertop can extend into the next room, creating a fun breakfast nook.

An Airy Space

When you cook meals, you do not want to feel cramped. Heightening the ceilings and doing away with islands give you more room to play with. You will also make the space more enticing to host guests.


Even if you live in the middle of the city, you will feel as though you live in a cabin with wood-inspired features. Hardwood countertops are durable and are great for preparing meals on. Additionally, you can choose a type of wood native to your area for some extra flair.

Nothing is out of your reach when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen. Hardwood Lumber Company is here to help you acquire the countertops and cutting boards you need out of your new kitchen. Contact us through our online form to discuss ideas and to see if there are any other new kitchen trends to potentially implement.