Wide Plank (Face Grain) Countertops

The Hardwood Lumber Company specializes in quality wide plank countertops, also known as “face grain” countertops. Our wood countertops are custom-made to your specifications at our manufacturing facility in Ohio.

Our wide plank countertops are made with random width wood planks glued together running the full length of the countertop. Depending on the wood species you choose, your countertop can be made up to 1-¾” thick, 72” wide, and 15’ long. A large selection of edge details is available to match your unique preferences. We do not butt joint or finger joint any of our wood countertops. A water-resistant glue is used on all of our countertops to ensure maximum durability.

Our Countertops are made with a good top surface and four good sides. This means the bottom surface might have imperfections. Selecting the High-Grade Bottom Surface option allows you to have the bottom surface be the same grade as the top surface and four sides. 

Find Your New Countertop

The Hardwood Lumber company offers a large selection of standard sizes for wide plank countertops. You can also contact us for a custom countertop quote. All wood countertop sizes are custom made to order. Our countertops are sanded and maintained perfectly on top, while the bottom is left in a potentially rough state, untouched, because when installed, it will never be visible. Most Wide Plank countertops ship within 1 to 3 weeks, with the exception of certain Exotic Wood Species. (see Product Listings for individual lead times) Wood Countertop Samples are available, and can be purchased here.

Note: Lead times may vary based on order volume and seasonal demand. Please contact our sales team online or by phone at 1-800-798-1269 for questions regarding current order lead times.