Wide Plank (Face Grain) Cutting Boards


Face grain refers to the top (face) of a wood board. These cutting boards are visually stunning and as decorative as they are functional.

Wide Plank Cutting Boards, also known as Flat Grain or Face Grain Cutting Boards, are probably what you are most familiar with, though you may have not known the exact term. Many wooden pieces of furniture use the face grain. This simply refers to a piece of wood that is lying flat on its face rather than being turned on its side or stood on its end. Although face grain may be more susceptible to cuts and marks than End Grain Boards, it shows off the natural grain of the wood and makes for a beautiful piece. When taken care of properly, it can last you for years and keep your knives in good condition.

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Hardwood Lumber Company offers a wide selection of quality, Wide Plank Cutting Boards. All of our boards are crafted by our woodworkers, and we can also build you a custom board to your exact specifications. Even our standard boards come with the option of Laser Engraving, Finger Slots, or Juice Grooves.

 Most Wide Plank Cutting Boards ship within 1 to 2 weeks, with the exception of certain Exotic Wood Species.  

Note: Lead times may vary based on order volume and seasonal demand. Please contact our sales team online or by phone at 1-800-798-1269 for questions regarding current order lead times.

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