At The Hardwood Lumber Company, we offer many customization options for our cutting boards. You may want to consider adding cutting board features such as juice grooves, finger grips or handles, and feet.

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Cutting Board Juice Grooves

Juice grooves are router indentations that trace the outer edge of a cutting board. Positioned 3/4'' from the edge, these grooves are 3/4" wide and 5/16" deep. They serve as a reservoir for juices, oils, other liquids, and loose pieces of food, ensuring they do not interfere with the cutting process. Additionally, the grooves help to minimize spills during cutting, maintaining a much cleaner kitchen environment.

We also offer juice wells, in addition to the groove, that allow the juice in the groove to collect in a well. These can be made as standard or corner wells. The depth of the juice grooves and the radius of the juice well vary based on the size of the board.

Finger Grips And Handles

Finger grips and hand grips are router indentations made through and in the sides of butcher block cutting boards. These grips make it much easier to move or handle heavier cutting boards.

Finger grips, much like juice grooves, are created using a router with a set bit size. The router engraves the hole and widens it accordingly. The depth and size of these grips varies by board size, but the width is uniform across all sizes.

Grips can be made as a finger notch, slot, or hole on your butcher block cutting board, but any option will make it easier to carry your board. If you prefer a handle, we offer a stainless steel handle option for your cutting board as well.

Cutting Board Feet

Cutting board feet are extremely beneficial to have on your butcher block cutting board, as they prevent the board from sliding around on the countertop. When you’re using a sharp knife on your cutting board, feet can keep the board from moving and help you avoid an accident. We offer two options for cutting board feet: silicone and wooden bun.

Silicone Feet

Silicone feet are available in either black or clear. They are small, rounded silicone pieces with metal threads for installation. Silicone feet are 1 ¼” in diameter and ⅜” in height.

Wooden Bun Feet

Wooden bun feet are available in all wood species. Much like silicone, they are small, rounded feet with threaded bolts used to install. Wooden bun feet are 1 ¾” in diameter and ⅞” in height.

While shopping our butcher block cutting board collection, consider the additional features that will make cooking and prepping in the kitchen easier. Juice grooves can keep your prep station clean, finger grips can make transporting your board a breeze, and cutting board feet can stabilize toye cutting board on slick surfaces. 

At The Hardwood Lumber Company, we manufacture custom butcher block cutting boards in a variety of wood species. Use our custom cutting board quote form to start building your ideal board today.