Juice Grooves

 Juice Grooves are router indentations inlaid 1/2" or 5/8" that follow the outer edge of a cutting board. We also offer Juice wells, where the juice in the groove pools in a juice well. The Juice Groove serves as a place for any juices, oils, other liquids or loose pieces of food being cut to sit and pool so they don't interfere with the food being cut. The Groove also reduces spills while cutting, keeping the users kitchen far cleaner than without. Juice Grooves are indispensable for chefs or anyone who cooks frequently. Juice Grooves are created by using a router with the desired bit size to carve out a line following the outer edge of the board just 1/2" or 5/8" inlaid. Juice Grooves depth and the radius of the juice well vary based on the size of the board.

Juice Groove                                     Standard Well                                     Corner Well

juice-groove-s.png          middle-juice-well-close-up-s.png          corner-juice-well-close-up-2-s.png 


Finger Grips / Hand Grips

 Finger Grips and Hand Grips are router indentations in the sides and through cutting boards that are for holding the board during use or for transport. Grips are essential for carrying cutting boards across the kitchen or from countertop to countertop. Finger Grips, much like Juice Grooves are created using a router with a set bit size. The router engraves the hole and widens it accordingly. The depth and size of these grips varies by board size, but the width is uniform across all board sizes.

Finger Notch



Finger Slot


Finger Hole                                   Stainless Steel Handles

finger-hole-close-up-s.png          metal-handle-close-up-s.png


 Cutting Board Feet come in two options, Wood Bun Feet, which are available in all wood species, and Silicon Feet, which are available in Black or Clear. Wood Bun Feet are small, rounded feet with threaded bolts used to install. Similarly, Silicon feet are small, rounded silicon pieces with metal threads for installation. Wooden Bun feet are 1-3/4" in diameter and 7/8" in height. Silicon feet are 1-1/4" in diameter and 3/8" in height.

Silicon Feet                                   Wooden Bun Feet

silicone-feet-s.png          walnut-feet-s.png