Red Oak Stair Riser

Red Oak Stair Riser

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Red Oak Stair Riser Details

Red Oak is a very popular type of wood characterized by reddish brown heartwood and lighter sapwood. It stains well and is a hard, porous wood with an open grain. Our Red Oak Risers are milled with new, state-of-the-art equipment and made with a two to three piece glue up.

Please Note: Because each piece of wood has its own unique character, grain and color will vary from the sample images shown. All stair risers are custom made to order. All orders revised or cancelled after going into production (within 24 hours after order is received) will have a restocking fee of up to 50%.

Red Oak Stair Treads Customization Options

Choose from a variety of options to customize the look of your Red Oak Stair Risers.


Red Oak Stair Risers are available in any length up to 120” and either 7 ½” or 8” in depth. Choose from Standard ¾” thickness or Retrofit ⅜” thickness. Retrofit Stair Risers have a very thin thickness, intended to put directly over your existing stair riser. Risers over 48" in length may be slightly oversized with uneven ends. Our stair treads and risers are made with a three to five piece glue up. 


We offer various texture options on all our Wood Stair Treads and Risers, including hand-scraped, wire brushed, sawcut, and distressed. If you prefer to have your stair riser sanded smooth and have no texture, be sure to select NONE in the Texture Options.

The Wire Brushed Texture works best on wood with an open grain, such as Red Oak. On other tighter grain wood species, the Wire Brushed Texture will not have the same effect and will not be as visible.


Red Oak Stair Risers can be ordered unfinished or prefinished with a variety of materials. Tread Coat Varnish is a popular option since it is a commercial grade conversion varnish, specifically made for high traffic areas.

If you would like your stair risers stained, please choose a standard color or indicate that you want our stain match service by checking the box. We will reach out after your order is placed with next steps and instructions.

Our Stair Risers are sanded and maintained perfectly on top, while the bottom is left in a potentially rough state, untouched, because when installed it will never be visible.

Shipping Information

All wood stair parts are custom made to order. Shipping may vary depending on your customization options. Please provide for a standard lead time of 1 to 2 weeks for processing, milling, and shipping of stair riser orders.

Note: Lead times may vary based on seasonal demand. Please contact our sales team online or by phone at 1-800-798-1269 for questions regarding current order lead times.

Red Oak

The sapwood of red oak is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish reddish brown. red oak is similar in general appearance to white oak, but with a slightly less pronounced figure due to the smaller rays. Red oak is mostly straight-grained, with a coarse texture. Red oak can be stained with a wide range of finish tones and has great wear-resistance. We use only the higher quality grades of red oak lumber for our products.