Winder Stair Treads

Hardwood Treads for Winder Stairs

Sometimes your staircase has to round a corner. It’s for those times that we’ve created our own hardwood winder stair treads. Instead of needing an entire set of custom treads, our winder treads are designed to match together perfectly with standard treads so that you can have an affordable winding staircase in your home.

That’s why we sell our winder treads in sets of only two or three, rather than as a whole staircase set. We can pair our winding stair treads with the treads you already have, or the standard treads you’d like to buy.

Our standard winder treads are a full 1" thick. Retrofit winder treads, also known as retreads, are made to fit over your existing stairs. Our retrofit winder treads have a 1" thick bullnose with a 1-1/4" overhang. The body is 3/4" thick.

What Makes Winder Treads Different?

The main difference between winding stair treads and standard treads is that winding treads are triangular shaped. This allows your staircase to quickly turn within only two or three steps instead of requiring a square landing which can feel stunted in tight spaces. Winder treads make moving through the turn in your staircase much easier and more natural.

Custom Winding Stair Treads

We mill our winding treads with state-of-the-art-machinery to ensure their superior quality and integrity. Custom wood winder stair tread options include standard or retrofit stair treads, in any sizes you might need. We can cut custom stair treads with a left or right hand return dependent upon the needs for your staircase.

Our customization options don’t just stop at cuts and length though. We have the ability to texture your stair treads for an elevation in style.

Wood stair tread texturing options include:

  • Hand-Scraped

  • Distressed

  • Wire-Brushed

  • Saw Cut

  • Wormholes

All our wood stair parts, including winder treads, can be ordered unfinished or prefinished with our tread coat varnish, a very durable two-component, commercial grade conversion varnish specifically made for high traffic areas. We can also stain your wood winder treads with a standard stain color or apply a custom stain of your choice. We also have a stain match service available to ensure your new winder treads match any already installed wood features.

All wood stair parts are made to order. Our winder treads are sanded and maintained perfectly on top. The bottom is left unfinished because when installed it will never be visible. 

If our standard sizes don't fit your needs, contact us for a custom winder tread quote

Most winder stair treads  ship in 1 to 2 weeks depending on wood species and options selected. (See Product Listings for individual lead times)

Note: Lead times may vary based on order volume and seasonal demand. Please contact our sales team online or by phone at 1-800-798-1269 for questions regarding current order lead times.