Choosing The Right Cutting Board Size For Your Kitchen

Choosing The Right Cutting Board Size For Your Kitchen

Posted by The Hardwood Lumber Company on Jul 17th 2023

Your cutting board serves more functions than merely providing a surface upon which to slice and dice. It's a workstation where you prepare your food before it goes to the pan, grill, or oven.

Much like a carpenter's workbench or an artist's easel, your cutting board must be appropriately sized to ensure your work is done effectively and efficiently. So, let’s figure out what size cutting board you need.

The Sweet Spot: Finding the Right Cutting Board Size

So, how do you determine the ideal cutting board size for your needs? Here are a few handy tips:

Consider Your Counter Space

Measure your available counter space. Your cutting board should fit comfortably on your counter, leaving room for other items like bowls, utensils, and appliances. A basic tip is to aim to have your cutting board edge approximately 3-4 inches from the edge of the counter.

Think About What You Typically Cook

Think about your cooking habits:

Do you often prepare large meals that require a lot of ingredients? Or are you more of a minimalist cook, whipping up simple sandwiches and salads?

If you often find yourself chopping a variety of ingredients, a larger board might serve you best. Alternatively, a petite cutting board that gives you just enough space to slice up a few small ingredients may be all that you need.

Don’t Forget Storage Space

Storage is an often overlooked but crucial factor. Ensure you have a dedicated space to store your cutting board when it's not in use.

A larger board might be inconvenient if you lack sufficient cabinets to keep it off of the counter when not in use.

Keeping It Clean

Cleaning is another important consideration when it comes to your cutting board size. Larger boards can be challenging to clean in a standard-sized sink. You do not want to ever put your hardwood cutting board into the dishwasher or “leave it to soak”.

The dishwasher will saturate the wood of the board and the change in temperatures will weaken the wood and promote cracking.

Leaving your hardwood cutting board to soak invites bacteria and warping. All cutting boards should be cleaned after use and allowed adequate time to completely dry before being stored away.

Have the perfect cutting board in mind? Great! 

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The Pitfalls of Improper Cutting Board Size

Cutting board size is more important than you might think. If you’re still thinking size doesn’t matter, consider these culinary cautionary tales.

The Cutting Board That’s Too Small

You’re cooking at home for your family. What should be a lovely home cooked meal quickly turns into a nightmare because your cutting board is too small.

Your food preparation becomes a cramped and messy affair. You have to chop carrots, onions, and bell peppers for a hearty stir fry on a cramped cutting board. Ingredients pile up, pieces tumble off the edge, and you risk cutting your fingers instead of your veggies...

We’re getting upset just thinking about this make-believe but all too real story.

The Cutting Board That’s Too Large

Same scenario: you're making a lovely family stir fry at home, but now the cutting board is too big. It’s bulky, cumbersome.

You know after you’re finished chopping you have to wash it. It can’t go in the dishwasher, but it barely fits into the sink and under the faucet. And the cabinet space is already so tight…

Take a deep breath. We can avoid this headache with the right size cutting board.

Fine-Tuning Your Kitchen Experience

The size of your cutting board is more critical than you might initially think. It can influence your cooking experience, your safety, and even the flavor profiles of your dishes. You might find that a change in size could make all the difference in your culinary endeavors.

At The Hardwood Lumber Company, customizing your cutting board is easy: select the size, thickness, and other features and our woodworkers will create a long-lasting product perfectly matched to your specifications! Ready to get started?

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