Curly Maple Floating Shelf

Curly Maple Floating Shelf
Curly Maple Floating Shelf
Curly Maple Floating Shelf
Heavy 24-33
Lite 50-65
Med 98-108

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Note: Stain options are shown on specified wood types. Stain color and grain figure may vary from what your screen displays.

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The Hardwood Lumber Company manufactures high quality wood floating shelves at affordable prices. Our floating shelves are milled with state-of-the-art equipment. Curly Maple floating shelves are available in standard sizes or can be custom made to your specifications. Our floating shelves are also available in a large selection of other hardwood species. All floating shelves come with powder-coated metal mounting hardware with a matte black finish. Our mounting hardware is laser cut and precision welded by professional fabricators. We also offer five edge details for our floating shelves: square edge, eased edge 1/16'' radius, eased edge 1/8’’ radius, eased edge 1/4” radius and Beveled Edge. We have a sizeable selection of texture options to make your shelves unique and distressed. All our floating shelves can be ordered unfinished or prefinished with various finishing options. We can also stain your floating shelves with a standard stain color or apply a custom stain of your choice using our stain match service. Curly Maple floating shelves add a modern yet natural look into any home highlighting the beautiful grain patterns of the wood. Our numerous wood species and excellent craftsmanship make our floating shelves the perfect product for beautiful modern houses, natural rustic houses, or any home that could use a unique touch.

All floating shelves are custom made to order. All orders revised or cancelled after going into production (within 24 hours after order is received) will have a restocking fee of up to 50%.

  Our floating shelves are made with random width planks, and are sanded and maintained perfectly on top and bottom as both sides may be visible. 

Floating shelves over 1-¾” thick will have multiple planks face glued to achieve the desired thickness.

If you prefer to have your Floating Shelf sanded smooth and have no texture, be sure to select NONE in the Texture Options.

Wire Brushed Texture works best on wood with an open grain, such as White Oak, Red Oak, and Ash. On other tighter grain wood species the Wire Brushed Texture will not have the same effect and will not be as visible.

Because each piece of wood has its own unique character, grain and color will vary from the sample images shown.

Curly Maple Floating Shelves ship within 1 to 3 weeks.

                                                                       Note: Lead times may vary based on order volume and seasonal demand.                                                                       Please contact our sales team online or by phone at 1-800-798-1269 for questions regarding current order lead times.



Hard Maple

Hard Maple sapwood is creamy white with a slight reddish brown tinge and the heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. Hard Maple has a close fine, uniform texture and is generally straight-grained. Hard Maple is hard and heavy with good strength properties, in particular its high resistance to abrasion and wear. We use only the higher quality grades of Hard Maple lumber for our products.

Soft Maple

In most respects soft maple is very similar to hard maple. Generally soft maple sapwood is greyish white. The heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. Soft Maple is usually straight-grained and has low shock resistance. Soft maple is about 25 percent less hard than hard maple. The soft maple we use for our products is selected for a white color. We use only the higher quality grades of Soft Maple lumber for our products.