The Best Wood For Stair Treads

The Best Wood For Stair Treads

Posted by The Hardwood Lumber Company on Mar 15th 2021

Wood has long been prized for its beauty, versatility, and strength making it an always popular choice for staircases. When selecting a wood species you should consider factors like hardness, grain pattern, color variation, and resistance to wear and tear. Each of these elements will come into play when considering which wood species is the best fit for your staircase.

In this article, we'll delve into the top wood species used for stair parts, exploring their unique characteristics, advantages, and ideal applications with photos submitted by our own customers.

Whether you're aiming for a classic, rustic, or modern aesthetic, understanding the qualities of different wood types will empower you to make an informed decision that elevates both the form and function of your staircase.

Oak Stair Treads

Oak is one of the most popular choices for stair treads. It has a lot of positive qualities that make it a good option.

White Oak Floating Stair Tread

Oak matches virtually any home style and is among the most durable of wood species. It’s also available with several varieties.

White Oak Stair Tread

Both red oak and white oak treads can give your home a cheerful look as they add light tones to the space. They create an airy, light aesthetic with an added rustic charm. Oak is a great wood to pair with white walls and baseboards as the natural wood color and white reflect off each other in complementary ways.

For these reasons, many people select oak stair treads when updating their homes.

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Hickory Stair Treads

Hickory is another common choice for wood stair treads. One of hickory’s most appealing features is its durability: hickory is the most durable wood featured on our list.

Character Hickory Stair Tread

If you are concerned about how long your new stair treads will last, hickory may be the best choice for you. The brown and white striped slabs provide a light, natural feel.

Hickory Floating Stair Tread

Though beautiful in any setting, hickory blends well with a rustic aesthetic as every tread shows a variation of colors.

Maple Stair Treads

Maple's tan and white hues make it a popular choice for a range of wood products. Maple matches any existing style while adding texture and character.

Hard Maple Stair Tread

Second to hickory in durability, maple stair treads will withstand foot traffic for decades. Maple, like hickory and oak stair treads, are priced in the middle range of wood tread options.

Maple also comes in several species options of its own. These are traditionally broken into hard maple and soft maple varieties. Each has unique aesthetic qualities, and any one of them is a great investment in a stair remodel.

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Poplar Stair Treads

Poplar offers homes a uniquely rich and slightly darker grain appearance. It’s a great option to add a warmth to your staircase or to complement the lighter tones of a white oak.

Clear Poplar Stair Tread

Poplar is also one of the least expensive stair tread options. However, with that comes a lower durability compared to oak, maple, or hickory. For that reason, it is important to consider how much traffic your stairs receive before buying poplar treads.

Nevertheless, popular is an affordable option to add a darker wood touch to your home.

Walnut Stair Treads

Walnut is one of the more expensive tread options. Easily the most notable feature of the wood is its dark brown color that adds warmth to a room. It also hides dust and dirt better than lighter woods, which makes it an excellent stair tread option.

Clear Walnut Stair Tread

Aside from its darker hue, walnut is also known for its often-vivid wood grain coloration. Another option, called character walnut, offers strikingly irregular wood grain patterns.

Character Walnut Stair Tread

However, the largest downside to walnut stair treads is their lack of durability. Despite demanding a higher price, walnut is not as durable as hickory or oak. Like poplar, it’s important to consider the importance of durability in your purchasing decision.

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Pine Stair Treads

Pine stair treads have become more popular in recent years due to pine woods abundance and cost-effective nature. It’s a naturally bright wood that can be stained or painted to suit your home’s established style.

Knotty Pine Stair Tread

Pine is not as durable as other hardwoods, but if maintained and cared for pine stair treads have a high-quality longevity for their price.

Knotty Pine Stair Tread

Homeowners often choose to pair knotty alder pine’s warm wood tone with white for a modern country craft home aesthetic. The distinct wood features of knotty pine make each staircase one of a kind.

The Bottom Line About Wood Stair Treads

If you’re still wondering if there is a single species of wood that is best for stair treads, the simple answer is no. But there may be one that is best for your home.

Red Oak Stair Tread

As you think about which material will work best, consider what you most want from wood stair treads. You may have a certain look in mind or a strict budget. Knowing your criteria will be essential in selecting the best wood treads for your staircase.

Hickory Stair Tread

At the Hardwood Lumber Company, we’re passionate about high quality wood and millwork. You can have confidence that you’ll receive exceptional products and services.

Our local craftsmen are expert woodworkers who take pride in crafting quality stair parts. Shop our selection of wood stair treads to find the perfect match for your staircase remodel.