Wood Stair Treads and Stair Risers: Frequently Asked Questions

The staircase is a centerpiece in many homes. With the right materials and design, it can amplify the home’s beauty and style. When it comes to material, many people choose wood stair parts for their homes because they are durable and versatile.

Before purchasing wood stair treads and stair risers for your home, it’s important to learn the facts and decide if they are right for you. Here are some frequently asked questions about wood stair treads and risers.

What is the difference between stair treads and stair risers?

Stair treads are the horizontal pieces of the staircase that you step or “tread” onto. The size of stair treads can impact the safety and comfort of climbing stairs. Treads that are too deep can make it difficult to take normal climbing steps. Treads that are too shallow may not provide enough space to safely plant your foot.

Stair risers are the vertical “back” pieces of the steps. Most staircases inside the home have a riser for each step. However, other staircases (such as outdoor deck stairs) have an open back and do not use stair risers. Similar to treads, the size of the stair riser matters for safety. Risers that are too high can make it difficult to walk up and down the stairs, making them potentially dangerous, especially for children and seniors.

Is wood a good material for stair treads and stair risers?

While there are several material options for homeowners, many people choose wood stair treads and stair risers for their homes, for multiple reasons.

Wood adds natural warmth to the home and compliments many other styles, color schemes, and designs. It is also highly durable. With proper maintenance and upkeep, wood stair treads and stair risers can last for decades.

How do you clean wood stair parts?

Regular cleanings are important for maximizing the lifespan of wood stair parts and keeping them looking great. Here are the recommended steps to take:

  1. Start at the top of the staircase and work your way down.
  2. Sweep off dirt and dust from the stair treads and stair risers.
  3. Use a sponge and oil soap to wipe away any remaining dirt and marks. Don’t forget hard-to-reach areas such as the corners and around the railings.
  4. Dust and wipe off the railing and balusters with soap and water.

How much do wood stair treads and stair risers cost?

At The Hardwood Lumber Company, the average price of a wood stair tread is $30 to $40. For wood stair risers, the average price is $20 to $30. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that final prices will vary depending on factors such as wood species, finish, and texture.

Where can I buy wood stair parts?

For years, The Hardwood Lumber Company has supplied homeowners with high-quality wood stair treads and stair risers that stand the test of time. We have a wide selection of stair parts with varying sizes, wood species, and finishes. If you are looking to improve your staircase, invest in wood stair treads and stair risers from The Hardwood Lumber Company and enjoy natural beauty for years to come.

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