Stair Treads

The Hardwood Lumber Company specializes in hardwood stair treads in over a dozen wood species. Our stair treads come in standard sizes or we can create retrofit treads for your current staircase.

All of our stair parts are crafted by our woodworkers at our manufacturing facility in Middlefield, Ohio.

Custom Wood Stair Treads

We specialize in hardwood stair treads from popular wood species like oak stair treads to the most exotic species like Iroko. If you have concerns about your new treads matching with your current wood features we have wood samples available to compare different wood species within your home. 

Replacing stair treads is a home improvement investment, and we understand you want to get it right the first time. Below we’ve outlined some of the most popular wood tread options and explain what makes them timeless favorites.

Red Oak Stair Treads

Red Oak trees are native to North America. In fact, they only naturally grow in North America. Typically found within forests in the Eastern United States, Red Oak wood is ideal for flooring due to its hard and stable qualities while dry, and being easy to finish or stain. Many homes in the United States have red oak wood moldings, window sills, and other features. We love working with red oak, and the warm color that red oak stair treads can add to any staircase.

White Oak Stair Treads

White Oak is a slightly stronger relative of red oak. Like red oak, it makes for great flooring, but it’s even used in structural applications. White Oak is one of the most exported American hardwoods there is. Structural tests have confirmed that the fiber strength of North American White Oak is stronger than European Oak making it a premier choice all over the world.

Pine Stair Treads

Our pine stair treads take this beautiful hardwood and transform it into stair treads that are as functional as they are appealing. The biggest challenge of working with pine is its resin which can clog saw teeth and cutters. 

Skip the difficulty – let our experienced woodworkers craft perfect pine stair treads to fit your home. 

View our article to learn more about the best woods for stair treads.

Retrofit Stair Treads

Retrofit Stair Treads, also known as stair retreads, are designed to fit over your existing stairs. Our Retrofit Wood Stair Treads have a 1" thick bullnose edging with a 1-1/4" overhang standard, and their body is 3/4" thick. Stair treads can also be prepared with a left or right-hand return or manufactured with a double end return to any length.

Read our guide to retrofit stair treads to help make your staircase renovation even easier. 

Custom Wood Stair Treads

We understand that not all staircases are built the same, we can manufacture wood stair treads or retrofit stair treads in any custom sizes you may need. Take the style of your stair treads to the next level with wood texture options like:

  • Hand scraped

  • Wire brushed

  • Sawcut

  • Distressed

All of our custom hardwood stair treads are available unfinished or prefinished with a commercial grade varnish designed specifically to handle wear of high traffic surfaces. We can also apply a custom stain or provide our stain match service.

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Please Note: Wood stair treads ship in 1 to 2 weeks depending on wood species and options selected. (See Product Listings for individual lead times)