Wood Backsplash

About Our Premium Wood Backsplash

Wood backsplash creates a stunning, bold statement in your home’s kitchen. Whether paired with a wood countertop or cabinets, the natural beauty of an authentic wooden backsplash offers a timeless look that complements virtually any interior design style.

At the Hardwood Lumber Company, we offer a large selection of wood backsplash in a variety of species and grain options. Choose from our Butcher Block Style Backsplashes or Face Grain Style Backsplashes to create a unique look.  

Wood Backsplash Sizing & Custom Orders 

Standard size backsplashes are ¾” thick and 4” high. We can also make custom wood backsplashes to meet other sizing needs. If you need a different size or wood species please contact us for a Custom Backsplash Quote.

Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Wood is a timeless style that goes well with many types of home and kitchen decor. Our wooden backsplash is perfect for your kitchen and would pair well with butcher block countertops. It’s also suitable for use in a bathroom. Whether you want to create a modern look or a rustic feel, natural wood is a great choice.

Maintaining Your Wood Backsplash

Keep in mind that wood backsplash requires proper maintenance. For the best results, seal your backsplash prior to installation and refinish as necessary. Be sure to wipe off excess moisture to prevent mold and mildew growth. Additionally, wood backsplash must be at least 18 inches away from stove burners to prevent the risk of fire.

All of our backsplash sizes are custom made to order and typically ship within 1 to 3 weeks, with the exception of certain exotic wood species (see product descriptions for individual lead times).

Note: Lead times may vary based on order volume and seasonal demand. Please contact our sales team online or by phone at 1-800-798-1269 for questions regarding current order lead times.